Saturday, June 2, 2012

guest blogging: misha velasquez

 The idea of blogging and baking equally frighten me. Both activities are completely out of my comfort zone and are astonishingly foreign to me. My dear friend Mikayla has convinced me that I can and should attempt both. I live in California, far away from Mikayla and her wonderful world of warm beaches and butter frosting. Because of the distance between us, I find myself, when home, often curled up on the couch clicking through pictures of her wonderful endeavors and edible addictions. The amount of "food stalking" I find myself lost in is either very flattering to Mikayla or borderline creepy... Either way, I have loved being able to see her "in her element" this last week. The way her eyes light up when talking about anything mini, her pure love for whipping up new and exciting recipes, or her sheer excitement when things "actually turn out well," have made this visit to Hawaii so much more fun. Her latest endeavor gives anyone who loves mini things a small heart attack of joy.  
Garden Cupcakes, from Hello, Cupcakes! Inspired our mini garden. We substituted good old fashioned butter and love for Betty Crocker's canned high fructose corn syrup, also known as canned frosting. Each individual vegetable can adjusted to fit whatever is lying around your kitchen. 

24 cupcakes in brown liners
2/3 cup of vanilla frosting 
2 cups chocolate frosting
2 graham crackers
Pretzel Sticks
Corn Flakes (of any brand)
1 package of Oreos
Orange, white, green, & red Fruit Chews (ie. Starbursts, Airheads, Tootsie Rolls,, Laffy Taffys)
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
Green M&Ms
2 Teaspoons Multicolored Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds
Green Licorice Slices (or substitute thinly rolled fruit chews)
Green Food Coloring

Crush your package of oreos in a food processor until fine and dirt like. Place in a deep but skinny bowl. Frost your cupcakes fairly thick with chocolate frosting and press into the oreos until covered. Set aside. 

When rolling out chews and forming things and brushing other things, it's best to have a clean flat surface like a slab. Use cornstarch for nonstick and go to town.

Tint 1/4 cup of vanilla frosting to your desired color of green (if you're anything like Mkayla you'll match it to the fruit chews you're using.) and pop the mixture into the microwave for 5 seconds. Canned frosting has to be in much longer because of all the largely worded preservatives and chemicals, but the butter, love, and sugar mixture don't take long at all. Pour the frosting over desired amount of corn flakes and mix until covered. Freeze on a cookie sheet until set. Eat by the handful. Ok, maybe that isn't the instruction but they are delish. 
Form small balls out of green fruit chews and strategically (are we doing war games? No. Cupcakes) place covered cornflakes around the green balls to form lettuce. You may have to play with it a bit, but it'll happen. Save a few cornflakes for stems of radishes. Quickly consume the rest.

The baby radishes are simple but incredibly effective (more war games?). Roll a small ball of red fruit chew until soft. Add a pinch of white and roll them together. Once in a ball, pinch the white end and form it into a radish-like point. Blend the two colors upward with your thumb. Add a green corn flake as a radish leaf.

To create the baby pea pods, roll out your desired length of green fruit chews. We made them about 2 1/2 inches long and about an inch wide. The stickiness can be overwhelming so utilize the corn starch. Add four green M&Ms, fold over and shape. Then use laces or laffy taffy for roots and branch-y sorta twirls. 

The carrots are just so dang cute. And super easy. Roll orange chews into a carrot-y shape and cut little ridges in them like real carrots. If you have some in your fridge, you can reference them but it's pretty straightforward. Even then, you'll have company, who cares if it's in the form of a carrot. How many others of your friends can you eat? You can add red or yellow to the orange chews for carrots to make them different shades. Then brush cinnamon on, around the creases to make them dirty and loose the shine a bit. Add stems with green chews, laces or licorice, attaching with frosting. Sprinkle with more oreo dirt.

The shovels pack a punch but they're the easiest part. Using pretzel sticks, break one for the handle and attach to a whole one with frosting. Stick into the cupcake til sturdy. Using random colors of chew, combine to make a gray-ish color and form a shovel. Stick into the cupcake.
Scatter sunflower "seeds".

Frost graham cracker with white frosting and edge with pretzels. Form mini flat veggies for the sign and set. Feel free to pipe the name or borders or just make it your own. Rest on pretzels stuck vertically in the cupcake. presto.

Since these cupcakes are made with sticky things, they should be prepared and eaten the day of.

Boom. Roasted.

co written by: mikayla sweitzer.


  1. You may be afraid of blogging but it didn't show. Nice co-baking and nice co-writing. You two make a great team. But you already knew that!!

  2. Ummm...Can you say awesome fathers day idea..?! Lovin' it!

  3. Wow!You are a genius. I love to try this. They look really cute and authentic garden cupcakes. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you loads. I had so much fun with my first guest bloggers. I love comments so thank again :)

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